Every Knight aims to promote the Catholic Church by Christianising his own environment. By his words and actions, a Knight seeks to influence those with whom he associates and make a positive contribution to the Church's Social Teaching. As a member of the Order each Knight will join with fellow Knights in

 those activities which rely on organisation and commitment for their success.


    Every Knight will assist the clergy of his parish, in every way possible and will aim to contribute to the support of his pastors and to be willing to provide assistance to the clergy in their duties whenever that assistance is required.  


     The harmonious relationship which exists among the Knights of St Columba and the Clergy is apparent by the co-operation and support provided by the Hierarchy.  From the Order's earliest years the Hierarchy has appointed one of their number as Ecclesiastical Advisor to the Order,  the present one being the Rt. Rev Malcolm McMahon, Bishop of Liverpool.


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